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  •   New Hire Basics Part 1   This course covers the Basics of AMG, Advance, and helps new hires get the words around their value statement
  •   Activities in Salesforce1   Salesforce1 is a free app for your phone you can enlist to maximize the amount of time available to speak with customers each day. Completing this course will enable you to quickly navigate the Salesforce1 interface to find current activities, schedule follow-up activities from within Salesforce1 in order to keep 100% of your accounts on plan, 100% of the time – making these next steps visible to not only yourself but also to everyone on your team. (E-Learning)
  •   Salesforce – Agency Opportunities   Normally, Opportunities in Salesforce are related to the Account you are advertising, and your main contact is generally someone who works at that business. In some cases, however, an advertising agency represents the business needing to advertise, and someone at that agency is your main point-of-contact. The agency also receives the billing. In these situations, the Opportunity process is slightly different. This video walks through the process for setting up agency Opportunities in Salesforce.
  •   Content Marketing: Positioning   This video covers positioning Content Marketing to an advertiser: how to sell it, talking points, and how to overcome common objections.